The Bike of Life

I am not sure about other people, but running our own business and raising our 5 children means that I find it quite a challenge to work out the concept of life balance and how this applies to me. Is this indeed an achievable aim or purely an enigma to encourage me to seek out more information in an already cluttered market of self help and business improvement media? Although I am on a bit of a personal quest, this issue is one that keeps coming up as we speak to not just other business owners but a range of colleagues and friends. I therefore thought, as the year comes to an end, it is timely to take a moment to review where your time and energy has been spent and to discover where (if any) the disparities are.

The tool below is labelled “The Bike of Life”. I like this tool because as a business owner, it has helped me see in pictorial form the quite intricate relationship between work and personal life; how one impacts the other and to review for myself how ‘balanced’ are the various aspects within each area. Needless to say, my wheels are not as well proportioned as I would like and this has resulted in some planning and action for the new year! This has also played out not just metaphorically but in real life. Last year, I was training to run a half marathon with some friends. Just before the event, I sustained a stress injury. Not being one to sit still, I then took up road bike riding, but unfortunately then came off my bike and ended up fracturing my wrist. I joined a gym (not one to give up) and consequently came down with a virus of sorts that lingered for weeks. My body was needing a break which my mind was not accepting! The impact of this on other areas of life was evident and my ability to have energy for family, friends and work suffered. I was learning (albeit slowly!) that in order to give our business the best chance of success, I needed to get my personal life priorities in order and that careful thought and planning were required in both areas in order to move forward with any success. Balance does not necessarily mean neatly allocated time for work and home, for to me, work and home life are intricately woven. What balance does mean for me is making sure I know what the key areas of focus are for the coming year, that I have access to the right resources and have allocated time to enable this to happen (including time for rest!). Have a look at the clip below…..

During the holiday break can I encourage you to complete this for yourself – please find a copy of this wheel at the end of this blog. Personalise it for the areas that make sense to you and then highlight 3 areas and resulting actions you are going to take to help keep you ‘upright’ in the coming year!

If you would like to follow this up further and create a personalised plan for you and your business contact us via our website

As a team, we continue to greatly enjoy the work that we do and the people we get to do this with. We appreciate and thank you all for continuing to entrust us with your business and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the new year.

Bike of Life