Understand. Plan. Grow.

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Some real questions from real businesses...

  • What is my ‘break even’ point? How can I lower this?

  • Is there anything out there that would help us with information processing?

  • Why on paper do I seem to be making a profit yet there is no money in the bank?

  • I want to expand but I’m not sure how to go about it?

  • What can I do to keep good staff?

These are all real questions that have been raised with real businesses. Historically accountants have been known for providing an annual set of financials, quarterly activity statements and an income tax return along with some ad hoc advice when sought along the way. Although it is good to know where you stand from a tax perspective, we have found that what clients really value is experience and advice on how to better manage and grow their business.  

We work to understand the numbers in your business, provide a plan for action and grow both your business and your own personal wealth. 


Let's hear your story

This is the initial part of our process that centres around information gathering. We will have a chat with you about where your business has come from and where your business is at now. We will review your business in terms of finances, operations, services, people, marketing, and your core customers. We use this and some other diagnostic tools to help you identify your top 2-3 biggest areas for focus and action. We then look at what you would like these areas to look like in 12 months' time. It is necessary to know where you are in your business now but equally important to have a goal in mind as it is from this that we can start to formulate a plan for action. After we have defined where you are now and where you want to be, we then put together an overall strategic plan for your business for the next 12 months. We use various problem solving tools to guide the “How to” steps and put this together in a simple, yet clear one page plan. 


Let's work on the business 

Many plans fail through lack of implementation. Actions commenced, even if simple, reduce the ongoing resistance to change and help to establish new habits that encourage ongoing business improvement and ultimately lead to success. We help you prioritise, keep you focused and then encourage you to “just do it” rather than develop the complex, lengthy plans which never get started. To ensure you keep momentum, we meet with you regularly to check in on both your progress, address new issues that arise and provide a new focus at the end of each quarter. We combine this 1:1 contact with access to online resources and coaching, and quarterly workshops on hot topics with other like-minded business owners.


Let’s create wealth and use it wisely 

Our aim is to help you create a business that serves you not the other way around. All of the above leads to growing a successful business. Once you have a clear plan in place, strategies that you are executing with success and clear growth and profit outcomes, you are able to think beyond the business itself. A successful business means; 

  • More time for yourself, your family and the longevity of your business

  • Wealth creation and investment for your future; looking at what your current and future life goals are and planning how to financially enable them

  • Succession planning; including selling your business, merging with another business, passing onto the next generation and/or planning your own exit

  • Acquiring another business and/or taking on new business ventures


If you are interested in better understanding what the numbers mean, growing your business, learning new skills, networking with other like-minded business owners and thinking of life beyond your business, call us for a chat. We’d love to hear from you.