Let’s hear your story...

This is an opportunity for you to meet with us and discuss where your business has been, where things are at now and what the ideal business would look like for you in the future. During this initial catch up we will aim to:

  • Discuss your most pressing business issues and current finances

  • Identify your top 3-4 biggest challenges and/or opportunities

  • Provide feedback on how we would work with you to address these


Let’s start working on your business...

Once we start working together we then explore the ‘Now – Where – How’ concept in more detail to develop an overall Business Plan that is focussed, achievable and relevant to where your business is at now. With you, we will review the following 6 key areas of your business;

  • Profit & Finances – your business’ current financial position; providing a financial analysis that is meaningful to you

  • Operations – the systems and procedures that are in place; identify waste and explore opportunities for automation

  • Products & services – what products/services are sold at what price and what is your competitive advantage

  • Marketing – vision, branding, media; in order to increase sales

  • People - managing the team (and yourself) so you get the best results

  • Customers – retaining good customers and accelerating referrals

We do this by;

  1. Gathering information from you regarding your current financial status

  2. Meeting with senior stakeholders and a possible onsite visit

  3. Identifying where your business is at now in relation to the key areas

  4. Gaining clarity on where you would like your business to be in 12 months’ time

  5. Pin pointing 2-3 areas for growth and development (Pareto Principle)

  6. Determining your sustainable competitive advantage

  7. Developing and then prioritising top strategies (SWOT analysis)

  8. Transforming strategies into action using various problem solving tools

  9. Pulling all information together into a One Page Plan with accountability for each of the key actions

  10. Regular contact

To ensure you keep momentum, we embed accountability into your plan, meet with you regularly to check in on your progress, address new issues that arise and provide a new focus at the end of each quarter. We combine this 1:1 contact with access to online resources and coaching, and quarterly workshops on hot topics with other like-minded business owners. 


Let’s create wealth and use it wisely...

Once you have a clear plan in place, strategies that you are executing with success and clear growth and profit outcomes, you are able to think beyond the business itself. A successful business means; 

  • More time for yourself, your family and the longevity of your business

  • Wealth creation and investment for the future; looking at what your current and future life goals are and planning how to financially enable them

  • Exploring other business ventures and/or expanding the current one

  • Succession planning; including selling your business, merging with another business, passing on to the next generation and/or planning your own exit

Why would you need us?

Being a business owner can be extremely rewarding, and great in terms of flexibility, doing something you enjoy and using your skills. You may however be faced with a whole set of new challenges for which you find you have far less experience managing and be asked to make decisions on things you wouldn’t mind a bit more information and assistance. Flying by the seat of your pants is exciting but not always sustainable or profitable! 

Some common issues we have helped business owners with are;

  • Increasing profitability by reducing waste and implementing more effective systems and software

  • Improving cash flow and reducing debtor days

  • Increasing sales through the development of a clear marketing plan

  • Exploring growth opportunities within and outside the business

  • Starting up a new business

  • Learning new skills around running a business; prioritising, decision making, leadership management

  • Staff retention, engagement and culture

  • Creating a vision and plan for the ongoing direction and success of the business

  • Succession planning

  • Asset protection and wealth investment

Why are we different?

We facilitate rather than consult, working with you and your team hands on. A focus on the root cause of issues rather than symptoms; often what is seen on the surface can be a result of something unseen.

Ongoing access to and use of multi-media learning; 1:1 interaction, online tailored courses and material, workshops.

Don’t pay us for the plan; pay us to help you implement your plan; 90 Day Plan to drive 3 key strategies with monthly/quarterly review to promote focus, accountability and ongoing improvement.

We offer an evaluation of your ‘change readiness’ prior to the implementation of your plan; where most plans fail (70%) is in the implementation of change, we work with you to increase your chance of success.

Skill and share; we educate you on the tools we use so you can problem solve issues and accelerate change yourself.

Access to accounting services and taxation advice embedded in all service packages.

How to start

Contact our office to set up an initial 20 minute call with one of our experienced advisors to better understand your issue and opportunities

Book in an initial meeting to review your current business and map out a proposal

Discuss any questions and potential barriers to overcome before committing

Receive an engagement proposition clearly outlining services offerings, expectations and cost

Sign off on commencement with a defined commencement date

Start the journey together!