Pinpoint your top 3 growth and profit issues for the year ahead in just 5 minutes.



Are you struggling to prioritise your business issues and opportunities?

Do you need clarification on which strategies will accelerate the growth and profit of your business?

Take 5 minutes to complete the 25-question Mindshop Growth and Profit Diagnostic to identify from 10 key success factors:

- Your top 3 areas of high performance (what’s working)

- Your top 3 areas for improvement (what’s not working)

- An overall graph showing how you performed across the top 10 key success factors: marketing, sales, people, implementation, strategy, profit, leadership, innovation, technology, and systems.

Where will you focus your energy to succeed in the coming year?

Click on the link below to access the Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) business diagnostic and follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1     Enter your details (so you can be sent a report of your outcomes)
Step 2     Answer 25 simple questions about your business using a -5 to +5 scale
Step 3     Click 'Send my results' to be emailed a report highlighting your results and areas to improve

Please note that your privacy is important to us and all information provided will be kept confidential. We will only be sent your results upon your request.

Next Steps
After you have completed the GPS business diagnostic, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your results with you personally. You can contact us to book a time either via our website, phone or email. During this initial phone call, coffee meeting, skype interview, we would identify the key areas for growth, identify what you would like to achieve in these areas and create a plan outlining strategies and actions to implement in your business. 

Having used this with our own and other clients' businesses, we think you will find this GPS business diagnostic invaluable in helping you pinpoint key areas for improvement in your business in the year ahead.